Son Salomo

Menorca, Spain

Solar PV

Environmental savings

Tonnes of carbon saved per year
Average homes powered per year

Environmental savings

Tonnes of carbon saved per year
Average homes powered per year

Project information

Located in Ciutadella, in the west of Menorca, Son Salomo Solar Farm generates 52 MW of renewable, carbon-free electricity.

In 1993, UNESCO bestowed the title of Biosphere Reserve upon Menorca in recognition of the islanders' profound dedication to preserving its natural environment, culture, fauna, and wildlife while simultaneously championing controlled and sustainable industrial and urban development. More recently, Menorca earned World Heritage status for its esteemed Talayotic culture.

The north of Menorca where Son Salomo Solar Farm is located, has several Talayotic constructions. These historical landmarks were taken into account from the project's inception, and all photovoltaic modules have been thoughtfully designed to fit within the existing protected dry-stone walls.

Stringent protection of the area became a paramount factor in the planning process. Collaborating closely with local authorities and key stakeholders on a daily basis emerged as the essential approach to successfully build one of the largest solar farms on the island while minimising its environmental impact.

Once the solar farm becomes operational, it is anticipated that sheep will graze on the pasture beneath the panels.


Son Salomo Solar Farm is in the last stage of construction, expecting to be connected to the electrical distribution grid by October 2023.

Son Salomo

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