Hijar 1 Escorihuela

Aragón, Spain

Solar PV

Environmental savings

Tonnes of carbon saved per year
Average homes powered per year

Environmental savings

Tonnes of carbon saved per year
Average homes powered per year

Project information

Located in Híjar, a quite important historical city of the “Low Aragon”, Hijar 1 Escorihuela Farm generates 50 MW of renewable, carbon-free electricity.

Hijar city is one of the key locations along the "Drum's Route," which hosts one of the oldest drum processions. This tradition is believed to have originated in 1517 when the Duke of Hijar requested the Franciscan Monks to celebrate Easter Week.

Hijar has a rich history as a coal mining region, with much of its recent development attributed to various coal mines and the presence of a 350 MW lignite-fired power plant located near the town of Andorra in the province of Teruel. However, in 2020, the power plant ceased operations. Since then, the region has shifted its focus towards renewable energy projects like Hijar 1 Escorihuela, which have been nominated as areas of Strategic Interests for the Aragon region.

The point of interconnection for the solar farm is located in the nearby city of Azaila, and any additional energy demand is produced by the project.

The entire area is preserved for steppe birds like the Lesser Kestrel, which is very endangered in Spain. In addition to meeting various project requirements, Island Green Power plans to set aside extra land for harvesting, creating a space where these birds and other protected species can thrive.


Hijar 1 Escorihuela Solar Farm is fully consented project and is expected to be connected to the electrical distribution grid by end 2024.

Hijar 1 Escorihuela

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