Green Hill

Northamptonshire, England

In Development
Solar PV

Environmental savings

Tonnes of carbon saved per year
Average homes powered per year

Environmental savings

Tonnes of carbon saved per year
Average homes powered per year

Project information

Island Green Power is in the early stages of developing a new solar farm located on land south and west of Wellingborough and north of Northampton in Northamptonshire.

We are currently undertaking early land surveys and assessments to determine the proposed site layout and cable routes. In March 2024 we held a series of collaborative workshops with local councillors and community organisation to gather local knowledge to help us better understand the local context, key constraints and what is important to the local community. This engagement will help us to refine the early design proposals for Green Hill Solar Farm.

We will present a more detailed design at our statutory consultation, which is currently scheduled for autumn 2024.


Further information on the proposals can be found here:

Green Hill

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