Fundacion Relieve

At Island Green Power, we take great pride in sponsoring Fundacion Relieve, a remarkable organisation devoted to creating positive change.


Fundacion Relieve

The Spanish organisation, Fundacion Relieve, wants to act for and bring change to the most vulnerable people in Latin America. The organisation is dedicated to actively defend the interests of those who need it most; especially women and children.
Fundacion Relieve has a program to assist children born with congenital heart defects. Children born with these defects require corrective heart surgery in the early stages of their lives. Without this surgery the unfortunate reality is that these children will die from heart failure.

Fundacion Relieve has a program which provides access to surgery for these children which is not available in the countries they are born in. This program involves the children and parents flying to Madrid, Spain to have surgery in Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela(Sanitas Hospitales).

Jassiel Alejandro Munguia Valeriano

Jassiel Alejandro Munguia Valeriano, 15 days old, was born in Honduras with severe congenital heart disease (“D-Trasposición de Grandes Vasos (D-TGA)”). As the Honduras Health System does not have the capacity to execute surgery for this heart disease, Jassiel was urgently transported to Spain. In April 2021, the paediatric cardiac team at Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela (Sanitas Hospitales) in Madrid successfully operated on Jassiel. Island Green Power fully funded the cost of Jassiel ́s surgery.

Emma Abigail Maradiaga Granados

Emma Abigail Maradiaga Granados, 2 years old, was born with severe congenital heart disease (“Tetralogia de Fallot”). The hospitals in Honduras did not have the ability to help Emma. Fundacion Relieve ensured that Emma was transported to Sanitas Hospitales in Spain where she was successfully operated on April 12, 2021. Island Green Power fully funded the cost of Emma’s surgery in Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela.

Adela Lizzbeth Reyes Sanchez

Meet Adela, a 4-year-old girl from the Honduran countryside born with a life-threatening congenital heart defect. Living where essential surgeries and treatments for her condition were unavailable, Adela's situation caught the attention of Dr. Discua, a paediatric cardiology doctor from Hospital Escuelain Tegucigalpa. Recognising the urgency of Adela’s condition, British MDs, led by Dr. Federico G. Larraya and Dr. Enrique Balbacid, promptly reviewed her case.

On 21st September 2023, the procedure took place at Hospital Zarzuela in Madrid, Spain, with full success, offering Adela the promise of a brighter, healthier future. Island Green Power proudly supported Adela's journey and paid for her surgery, demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact on those affected by congenital heart defects.